Honeymoon’s Over

Yesterday’s adventures in college (really?) teaching:

  • A student who changed an answer on a returned quiz and tried to convince me that it was his original answer.
  • A student who asked me if it’s ok that she will have to leave class half an hour early at least once a week, even though I told her on the first day that if this is the case, she should not take a course at this hour.
  • A student who walks on chairs to get to his assigned partner, who doesn’t seem able to communicate below a yell and who speaks French with his classmates with a sort of sneaky, pulling-one-over-on-the-teacher amusement (because…he doesn’t think speaking French is allowed in English class?)

The semester, like childhood, goes through defined developmental stages.  We seem to be at the “testing the teacher” stage.

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11 responses

  1. I have a habit of pulling up my teaching certificate for them and pointing out that I’m only certified for grades 6-12. I then explain how I’m not certified to deal with behavior younger than that, and they need to straighten up as a result.

  2. You are scaring me! I am giving my first test next week to my class (mixture of sophomores, juniors, and seniors). My class is a 2 1/2 hour class. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

    • Good luck, Pat! The first test is always tricky, and even trickier is the class when they get the first results…a lot of sulking and hurt feelings…it takes some kid gloves to get them back on track.

  3. Sorry for the tough day! I’ve been thinking about purchasing a desktop scanner and running graded quizzes and tests through it when I’ve finished. Then when they find the ‘mistakes’ I’ve made, I could just pull that file up to double check. It may be an investment I’m willing to make — even though this doesn’t happen often. Just often enough to keep that idea in the back of my brain…

    • Ms. C: that’s an interesting idea – I had already considered photocopying this student’s quizzes in the future, but maybe he’s less likely than others to do it again now that he’s been denied? I own a scanner, so creating digital copies is totally possible. I don’t like the level of mistrust these measures indicate, but it’s certainly not the first time this has happened…

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