If You Use This Phrase in Your Essay, You Will Fail

10. “In today’s modern society…” (this is the first line in 25% of the essays I read)

9. The designation “Old English” used to describe expressions as diverse as “codpiece” and “groovy.”

8. “In my humble opinion, I believe that…”

7. “Different,” as in, “This story was really different.”

6. “In the following paragraphs, I will demonstrate that this thesis is correct.”

5. “According to Microsoft Word Dictionary, ‘X’ means…”

4. Any form of MSNspeak (lol, IMHO [see above], u, etc.)

3. “The reason why is because…”

2. Textual references to “the Madonna” interpreted as references to “Madonna.”

1. “Back in the day…” (means anything from “yesterday” to “in the Pleistocene era”)

4 responses

  1. I love those, too. We get “Contrarily to…” or “the complete contrary” a lot, Dale, mostly because of the French influence.

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