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“Dear Miss: I could have simply paid someone 45$ to write my essay for me but decided not to. I think on that bases I should at least be given a chance to pass.”


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  1. This reminds me of a friend of mine who posted on Facebook the other day about going to court: “The judge better be proud of me for even showing up.”
    Sadly, we really have become a generation of entitlement (my generation and those younger than me — I’m 26). Everyone expects to be praised and rewarded for doing what they’re supposed to do.
    Can’t wait to teach high school =] haha

  2. Absolutely hilarious. I would give her a D for biggest laugh of the quarter and tell her so. I don’t know who or where you teach. But if you’re teaching students from developing nations, this is simply a form of bargaining, sonething they’ve been doing all there lives. Tell them if they have no scruples spending money, they should buy a degree online and be done with it. And thm wish them bon chance, as the French would say.

  3. “You have always had the chance to pass. I’m sorry you thought that this level of effort was going to do it.”

    I have totally failed at kindness today and this comment shows it. But the end of the year is bleeding me of all my sympathy.

  4. I like how the kid worded it that he/she should “be given a chance to pass…” Of course they’re given the chance; all students are. That’s kind of how assignments work. Whether or not they choose to take that chance is up to them. Sadly, it isn’t that surprising. I’ve had students tell me they should pass just because they come to class. Never mind the fact that they don’t do the work. When did things change so much?

  5. I love this idea! I think the IOC should give me a medal because even though I fell at the starting gate, I could have paid someone to race down the slope for me, but I didn’t.

    Seriously. This request speaks of many not-so-strange, sad feelings: I am so incapable and despairing of my ability that I could never succeed; my fellow students are succeeding because they cheat; money can solve all my problems; help me because I don’t know how to help myself.

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