About Siobhan Curious

Siobhan Curious is a teacher, student and person.  Life is constantly reminding her that these are not separate things.  She is also (under her real name; no, she’s not telling) a novelist and short fiction writer. She holds one undergraduate degree in English, one in second-language education, and a masters degree in English and creative writing. She is currently working on a masters in education.


32 thoughts on “About Siobhan Curious

  1. I would really like to get the RSS feed for your blog. But it appears that in rebuilding your sidebar, you forgot to put back in the widget called “Meta.” If you move that back into the sidebar, there will be a button where people can sign up for your RSS feed. Please try to let me know if you do this, because I really like your blog.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas


  2. Hi Siobhan,

    It’s great meeting you online.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me with such insightful comments. I really appreciate it.

    I have been to your blog and like your writing too. In fact, I have included you in my “Blogs” link on my website. You can access the link by clicking on the URL below:


    I agree with you on your perception that:

    “I always feel, even if I’m angry, frustrated or despairing, that
    what I’m doing is important.”

    And I also agree with what Betrand Russell has to say about coaching the younger students:

    “……almost any decision will be right if the child feels that you like him. No rules, however wise, are a substitute for
    affection and tact.”

    Keep in touch.

    Warmest Regards,
    Patrick Tay


  3. Patrick: Thank you so much for posting up a link to my blog. I intend to update my blogroll tomorrow, and I will add you to it, as I’ve been really enjoying reading your reflections. I look forward to reading more of them, and also hope to read more of your comments.


  4. Hi Siobhan,

    You are welcome.

    I enjoy reading your blog too, and look forward to many more interesting articles from you.

    By the way, I have also included your blog on my Blogroll as well for higher visibility to other bloggers.

    Do have a great day.

    Warmest Regards,
    Patrick Tay


  5. Hi there,

    I enjoy your blog and find it really useful for getting to know what cegep teaching might be like …. thanks so much for all your posts and links to great resources (I especially enjoyed the Classroom Teaching podcast).

    I was wondering if you had blogged about or would have suggestions for good books on teaching. I’m reading The Myth of Ability by John Mighton right now, but maybe you know of more?

    Thanks! and take care,


  6. Hi Bethany. You might want to check out the following posts:

    On the book The First Days of School:

    On the book What the Best College Teachers Do:

    And on some “Classroom Teaching” podcasts by Mark Smilowitz:

    I plan to write more about books on teaching in the future.

    Thanks for reading!


  7. Thanks Siobhan!!

    Rushing to the library now :)….if you get a chance, The Myth of Ability is really inspiring, and a quick read. It’s about a theatre-grad-turned-math-phd started a tutoring centre in his apartment, but talks about his (pretty inspiring) teaching philosophy.



  8. Rachel:
    Thanks so much for your visit and your comment! I hope you enjoy your continued explorations through the site. I will check out your blog as well. Poking one’s nose into all areas is the only way to live as far as I’m concerned.


  9. Bonjour! Great blog! Glad I stumbled upon it, and have enjoyed what I’ve read thus far. As my husband and I have lately sniffed around the idea of relocating to Montreal, it’s been interesting to read what you’ve written about teaching (I’m a teacher as well).

    Thanks for an interesting read!

    If you have any advise or can point us in the right direction with regards to teaching in Montreal please do so!




  10. I’ve really been enjoying your blog. I was struck at first by how well organized your posts were, so it figures you’re an English teacher. 😉

    Even though I’m not a teacher, I’m actually a college-level English tutor and student, I tend to spend a good deal of time thinking about the same issues related to college and teaching English.


  11. I Love the cat! This may be a bit of a silly/stupid question, but is he/she yours? So CUTE!

    After reading your profile, I have decided that I want to be like you one day. As a college student pursuing a degree in English (And double majoring in journalism-AHH! xD) I can find that I relate to a lot of your posts, as they sometimes reflect on aspects on my own life or highlight my future aspirations…

    Or in other words…I LOVE your blog! =D You just got yourself another subscriber! =)


  12. Hello.
    First of all,do have in mind that english language isnt my first,so my grammar and spellin arent what they should be,flawless. Further more,im tired. 15 hour shifts sometimes do that to me.
    Second: IM A KID. well. 20 years old. my tongue is still faster than my mind,unfortunatelly.
    And now what i wanted to say,why im commentin in the first place:
    i accidentally came across your blog,and i was captivated immediately. I always wondered what goes on inside the teacher’s head. 🙂
    Thanks for the


  13. Opportunity* my comment got cut-off. Thanks to my wonderful phone. Anyhow……. Looking forward to reading your stuff an whatnot 🙂


  14. Just when I thought I would not get any interesting blogs to read today, I stumbled across yours:). I am definitely coming back for more! Especially since I plan to get into teaching English at some point in time… in some parallel universe perhaps. Sigh. One day. One day for sure. Until then, I hope to learn some great stuff from your writing. Kudos!


  15. I really look forward to reading your posts. I love the thought of this blog being a source of sharing experience and wisdom. On a side note, I would love to read your fiction. 🙂


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