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5 thoughts on “Contact Siobhan Curious

  1. I am new at this blogging and I think I sent my previous note by accident before I was finished my sentence!! Anyway, I will stay tuned as most of the research I have come across so far is for high schools and elementary classrooms and while some information can apply, there are some differences at the post-secondary level.


  2. I am unfamiliar with the term CEGEP. I am writing a research paper, literature review, for my BEd in Adult Education and am referencing some of your insights and would like to note your credentials as in an instructor at CEGEP, Montreal. My paper is on respect in the college classroom.


  3. Hi Kim. For more info on the term CEGEP, see this post:

    Glad to hear you’re doing some research on this subject; I am as well, and am considering doing my MEd thesis on discipline issues in the CEGEP classroom.

    I have fallen off the regular posting wagon lately, but am always trying to get back and post more regularly – so I hope you will indeed stay tuned, even if I’m not always reliable…


  4. Hi there,

    I’ve been checking in on your blog for a while now and always find something interesting here–thanks! I finally got my own education-related blog up and running this fall; check it out if you get a chance and, if you are so moved, add me to your blogroll!

    Thanks again for the thought-provoking posts!



  5. I like that you are questioning the worth of teaching literature – in a manner that students may not see value in….they need to be exposed to these great thoughts, and they need conscientious people like you to keep putting it in front of them…..


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