I really do like my job. Here’s why.

1. The people in my department are totally awesome. (With a few, easily disregarded, exceptions.)
2. Even when the bookstore loses my book orders, they are so freaking nice about it that I can’t possibly get mad at them.
3. We have holidays so long that, at the end of them, I look forward to going back to work.
4. I design my own courses. Entirely.
5. No one ever pressures me to publish anything, but people are really excited when I do.
6. I have tenure. Considering how little time I’ve been at this college, that’s ridiculous.
7. There’s a pub around the corner from my school where I can go, pretty much any time after 11 a.m., and find colleagues I want to talk to.
8. My colleagues read my blog, and say nice stuff about it.
9. Oh yes. The students. I do like them sometimes, too. You’ll hear more about that later.
10. A significant amount of my work can be done at home in my pajamas, or in a quiet bar.
11. My employer has set up an entire MEd program with a specialization in my field of teaching, pays for my studies, and provides classes at my workplace.
12. I make a reasonable amount of money.
13. I can’t stagnate. I have to learn or die.
14. I always feel, even if I’m angry, frustrated or despairing, that what I’m doing is important.
15. Every day is full of blog post material.

Believe me, the post about why I don’t like my job will come. But this is how I’m feeling today.


2 thoughts on “I really do like my job. Here’s why.

  1. Hear! Hear!

    My own enthusiasm for this job is fuelled by the enthusiasm of my colleagues ~ we have a great job, and as you say, even on those carpy/crappy days, I feel blessed to have found this calling.

    Thanks for putting some of those enthusiastic thoughts into words.


  2. Some days we just recognize how good we have it, and yesterday was one of those days. I figured I’d better write it down before I forgot…


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