Insatiable Siobhan Curious fans: these days, because I’m not in the classroom, I’m pursuing a slightly different blogging adventure. I’m taking the raw material of blog posts pasts and shaping it into mini-essays that I’m posting on the OpenSalon blog network. If you’d like to browse my OpenSalon blog, please go here.

Those of you who are bloggers might want to consider participating with an OpenSalon blog of your own – the readership is dedicated and active, and there’s nothing barring you from simply cross-posting with a blog you keep elsewhere. I am cross-posting with this blog for the moment (so, in addition to the mini-essays, any recent posts from here have gone up on OpenSalon as well.)

I intend to return my full attention to WordPress blogging in January, when I begin making my way back into the classroom…

Thanks for your continued readership!


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