post #2 at School Gate: how I saved my teaching career

The second in my series of posts for School Gate, the TimesOnline education blog, is now up. The series is called “How I Saved My Teaching Career,” and this post’s topic is “Take Stock: Is Teaching Worth It?”

Please go read and comment, and link/forward freely! The more attention these posts get, the happier the Times will be with me.

2 responses

    • Oh dear! I’d lost track of it; I’ve been out of the blogging loop this year. I’m not certain I have other versions of those posts, but I will see if I can track them down and republish that series – thanks for letting me know! And thank you so much for all your thoughtful comments; I’m sorry it took me so long to approve them, as I haven’t been back to the blog for a few days. It’s gratifying that you took so much time to read and respond.

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