Carnival of Education #225

Welcome to Week 225 of the Carnival of Education! This is my first time hosting the Carnival. I’m excited, but like the rest of you, I am drowning in grading, so I haven’t had two brain cells to rub together this week. I tried to come up with a clever theme. You can imagine how that went. So instead, I’ve arranged this week’s entries into very loose categories, with a bit of commentary if provided by the authors.

Please let me know of any errors or omissions through the comments or by email (see my contact page.)

Next week’s Carnival will be hosted by Mister Teacher over at Learn Me Good. You can submit your blog article by using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

And now, here’s your Carnival. Thanks for all the stimulating reading!

In the Classroom: Ideas, Techniques and Lesson Plans:

Mathew Needleman presents Teaching Persuasive Writing posted at Creating Lifelong Learners.

Richard Byrne presents Brown v. Board of Education – Lesson Plans posted at Free Technology for Teachers.

Myscha Theriault presents Bulletin Boards: Twelve Ideas for Older Classrooms posted at Myscha Theriault.

Pat presents Be a Tour Guide posted at Successful Teaching.

Mrs D presents Things to Improve: Reading Comprehension posted at Footsteps of Aristotle.

Clix presents Skypechat with… ? posted at Epic Adventures Are Often Uncomfortable. “I’ve never had an author visit before. I’m so excited!”

And here’s a last-minute entry from So You Want To Teach?: 30 Twitter Tips for Teachers.

The Student Mind: Educational Psychology and True Stories:

Joanne Jacobs presents It pays to wait for the second marshmallow posted at Joanne Jacobs.

Erin presents Skills needed in reading posted at School Psychologist Blog Files.

teachin’ presents My heart is a little broken today. posted at I’m a Dreamer. “How do we handle the stories we hear sometimes? I honestly don’t know.”

Mister Teacher presents Pump up the Volume posted at Learn Me Good.

Bellringers (Carol Richtsmeier) presents D-Day, Riots & Survival Tips posted at Bellringers.

And here at Siobhan Curious: Classroom as Microcosm, I posted my list of Ten Reasons I Hate Grading Your Assignment. I know you all feel my pain.


Sarah Ebner at School Gate presents “Teaching to get the best out of a child: is setting or mixed ability the best way?”

Scott McLeod presents Are educational leadership faculty seen as ‘leaders’ by the leaders that they serve? posted at Dangerously Irrelevant.

Jonathan presents Management styles posted at Sharp End Training. “Which management style does your business use, when and why?”

Just to stir everybody up, I’ve included a submission from the online “homework help and study site” Cramster: Is online homework help ethical? posted at Blog.

Book, Blog, Game and TV Reviews:

Larry Ferlazzo presents The Best Collections Of Online Educational Games | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… posted at Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day….

Britannica Blog presents Studying Success in Education: Jay Mathews? Work Hard, Be Nice posted at Britannica Blog. “Those of you who follow the work of The Washington Post’s Jay Mathews, often called the “dean of education reporters,” know that for the past few years he’s been obsessed with two subjects—high school college-preparatory programs (Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate) and the Knowledge is Power Program charter schools, otherwise known as KIPP.”

GrrlScientist presents Why Evolution is True posted at Living the Scientific Life. “A review of Jerry Coyne’s wonderful book about evolutionary theory, which the most up-to-date and one of the most clearly written books about evolution that is currently available.”

Tweenteacher presents TV Review: Glee posted at

Amy Smith presents Learn About the Orchestra posted at Kids Love Learning.

Nancy Miller presents Top 100 Poetry Blogs posted at Online University Reviews.

Education Policy and Perspectives:

Diana Senechal, guest blogging for Joanne Jacobs, presents How innovative are you, teacher? posted at Diana Senechal.

Tweenteacher presents Merit Pay Nickle-and-Diming posted at

Sean Cavanagh presents Arne Duncan Wants to Expand Striving Readers Program posted at Curriculum Matters. “Mary Ann Zehr’s post examines Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s proposal to expand the federal Striving Readers program, which currently serves middle and high school students.”

Larry Ferlazzo presents Parent Involvement or Parent Engagement? posted at LFA: Join The Conversation – Public School Insights.

Renee Moore responds to Larry’s ideas in Education is Becoming More Consumer-Driven posted at LFA: Join The Conversation – Public School Insights.

Dave Saba presents COME ON!!! posted at ABCTE’s Dave on Ed Blog.

Darren presents Come To School, Come To Jesus posted at Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher.

Dana presents Homeschooling as a protest movement posted at Principled Discovery.

College and Student Life:

Michael Mazenko presents The Myth of the Bachelor Degree posted at A Teacher’s View.

Kim Bayne presents Personal Finance: 10 Creative Ways to Earn Cash While in College – Official Quicken ® Blog posted at The Quicken Blog.

Thanks for visiting the Carnival. I hope this week’s entries bring you hours of thought-provoking procrastination. (You need a break from that pile of lab reports anyway. You’ll be a better grader if you read one more post, I promise. Oh, and maybe one more.)


12 thoughts on “Carnival of Education #225

  1. Nice carnival – My first submission – so thanks for the add.

    My wife will be very pleased because our article was her work…

    Going to add you all to my twitter also…


  2. Thanks for including the exchange between Larry Ferlazzo and me about Parent Involvement over at Public School Insights in the Carnival. Great job putting this together (especially at the end of the school year!)


  3. These are some great reads and excellent for reflection on my own teaching at the end of a school year! Thank you for sharing some great educational blogs (it will keep me busy over the summer months).


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