same blog, new name

Brief administrative update: I’ve changed the title of this blog – or rather, I’ve shortened it to “classroom as microcosm” because, well, it’s shorter, and because people are having trouble spelling “Siobhan.” The url remains “”. Am I going to be sorry I did this? Is it going to cause confusion/complications for readers/subscribers? I have no idea how this stuff works.


9 thoughts on “same blog, new name

  1. Thanks guys. OKP: really? I might change it back. The whole thing doesn’t fit nicely in the header bar, though, and I feel like the “classroom as microcosm” aspect is important. We’ll see.


  2. Maybe Siobhan isn’t tough for me ’cause I lived in Ireland for a year. ‘C.a.M.’ is a better descriptor, but ‘S.C.’ is what made me curious.

    But YOU are the person who owns the space here. Do what you want — I’ll still read!


  3. Hi, Siobhan!

    Thanks for entering my Grammar Girl contest. I may have never found your blog otherwise. I love crossing cyber paths with awesome folks! 🙂

    Hmmm… I have heard that changing the title of the blog causes confusion when the URL is different; however, I still visit and come across blogs all the time who have done it–and seem to be doing quite well.



  4. Michele:
    Thanks for coming by! I’ve subscribed to “Writing the Cyber Highway” and am looking forward to reading more of it; I really liked what I read on my first visit, particularly your post on attitudes toward blogging. For anyone who’s interested, here’s a link:


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