whither the Carnival of Ed?

Does anyone have any idea what has become of the Carnival of Education? I submitted a post a couple of weeks ago, but no Carnival appeared. I wrote the Carnival hosts, the Education Wonks, to ask if they were short on hosts and to volunteer, but I’ve heard nothing back. If anyone has any information on the elusive Carnival, please advise!


7 thoughts on “whither the Carnival of Ed?

  1. I was wondering the same thing and wondered if I was missing something. I miss it! I know I hosted it on June 17 and I hope I didn’t break anything!


  2. I wrote to them as well, and said I’d like to host it, so hopefully that will help. šŸ™‚ I’ll keep you posted. Please let us know if you hear anything as well.
    Thanks Siobhan!


  3. So according to the Carnival of Education submission page, it’s gone permanently – shut down. Which makes me sad, because I loved reading all the different posts and being introduced to new blogs. Perhaps you should restart it?


    1. Well, that’s very sad. I can’t commit to restarting it right now, but if some intrepid blogger is up for it, maybe I can help out?


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