The 2009 Edublog Awards: my nominations

After receiving kind mentions/nominations for the 2009 Edublog Awards from both Sarah Ebner of School Gate and Victoria Westcott of Classroom Canada, I’m delighted to find I have a couple of free hours tonight to do my community duty and point out some nominees of my own.

Best individual blog: Joanne Jacobs never fails to inform me and get me thinking.  And I’m always amazed by her prolificacy!

Best individual tweeter: It’s been ages since I spent much time on Twitter, but whenever I do tune back in, I can count on Larry Ferlazzo to point me toward a couple of things I want to see/read/do.

Best resource sharing blog: Larry Ferlazzo again.  Thanks Larry!

Best teacher blog: This is a tough one, but I’d have to say So You Want To Teach? is the one I go to when I really need a boost or some concrete advice.

Best elearning/corporate education blog: I’m not sure what the “corporate education blog” means – a corporate blog or a blog about corporate education?  I’m going to assume that it’s the former, and that would make it a toss-up between Classroom Canada and School Gate – don’t make me pick just one!  Ok, if I have to, I’ll go with Classroom Canada, because Victoria has already nominated School Gate…

Please check out the Edublog Awards link above and post your own nominations.  The nomination period ends tomorrow, Dec. 8, and then the voting begins.  And good luck to all the nominees!


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