Carnival of Educators for Dec. 30: Bare Bones

We were actually going to postpone this week’s Carnival of Educators due to a lack of submissions, but a few last-minute entries has made it possible for it to go forward.  Unfortunately, this means that I don’t have the time to do the bang-up job I’d like to in giving you some insights into each of the posts.  So here (a few hours early) is a very bare-bones mini-carnival for this holiday week.

M Dahms gives us “What is Reader’s Workshop?”

From Notes from a Homeschool Mom: It’s All About Flexibility and Schools are Becoming Suspension Crazy.

Joanne Jacobs tells us why Teaching Shouldn’t Be the Worst Job.

Online Courses gives us a list of 100 Excellent Twitter Feeds for Tech-Savvy Students.

Benzu gives us some reasons to Study Architecture.

And here at Classroom as Microcosm, you can read about how I learned something valuable about teaching while Scrabbling for the Stone.

Sorry for the brevity, folks, but here’s hoping we get a whole whack of submissions next week, and the Carnival will be much meatier!  You can submit your post using this handy submission form. In the meantime, Happy New Year!


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