Abbreviations Gone Wild

Dear Students:

“englishass.doc” and “litanal.pdf” are not appropriate file names for uploaded documents. I am afraid to open your assignments.

9 thoughts on “Abbreviations Gone Wild

  1. Great Googly-moogly, that’s ridiculous! Passive aggressive behavior. Pah.

    On a completely different note, it’s nice to see a post! (That should not come out sounding sarcastic or petulant, but sincere and pleasant.)


    1. Just careless, I think – I have to remind myself not to move too fast when abbreviating “analysis” and “assignment” in doc names…But maybe you’re right, maybe it’s deliberate! Yes, I’m trying to get back on the posting wagon now that I’ve shovelled the worst of the grading off…


      1. OK, you know it’s a rough year when I immediately see malicious intent, and now that I look at them again see just poorly chosen abbreviations! Wow!


  2. I had a college professor who frequently wrote ASS on people’s papers–his abbreviation for assertion. Supposedly…


  3. My favorite is ‘analsynass.doc.’ The first time I saw that as the filename, I think I burst an inner organ laughing.

    I have a brief lecture where I cover some basic internet and email etiquette. One of the things my students and I talk (and laugh) about are file names for attachments. It’s amazing how little people pay attention to things like this. Also, the subject heading for emails. Don’t just hit reply to any random email and send it without changing the subject heading. If it’s the end of the term, I’m more than likely going to skip over an email with the subject heading ‘Rough draft essay 1’ for emails that are about the current assignment. Essay #1 was due 10 weeks ago; why on earth on you contacting me about it now?



  4. Hilarious! I’ve saved documents like that on purpose, if I didn’t enjoy writing the essay. I’ve seen abbreviations like this elsewhere as well.
    Great blog! I am very much enjoying it.


    1. Nicole: Yes, I sometimes suspect that these titles are, as one commenter says above, passive-aggressive…but in many cases I think that might be giving the student too much credit for forethought. Thanks for reading!


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