My Other Blog is a Novel: Introducing “Nellie and the Coven of Barbo”

Dear readers:

Where have I been? I’ve been writing a little novel. It’s about half done. I’m going to post it, as a serial, on a blog. If you’d like to read it, it starts here.

The working title is Nellie and the Coven of Barbo. It’s an adventure story about being a twelve-year-old girl.  There will be some witches.

Here’s the (temporary) blurb:

Cornelia (Nellie) Pike has always believed that she’s an extraordinary person meant to accomplish important things.  As she begins seventh grade, she’s haunted by the feeling that something’s not right with the world, especially with her friend Lake – and that maybe it’s her destiny to make things right. But one strange event follows another, and Nellie begins to wonder if her friends, and not she, are the extraordinary ones. What’s a girl to do if she suspects that she’s nothing special, and that this might be her greatest gift?

Chapter One is just a few pages long; I hope you’ll go read it.  If you like it, I hope you’ll subscribe, and send the link to other people you think might like it, and “Like” the post, and then read Chapter Two.

The story will progress by a chapter or two each week until summer vacation, when I’ll pick up the pace.

I’d love to hear what you think!


13 thoughts on “My Other Blog is a Novel: Introducing “Nellie and the Coven of Barbo”

    1. TSJ: I’ll let you know how it goes – I’m feeling a bit nervous and vulnerable about the whole thing, but I’m trying to see it as a way to have fun and not take the whole fiction-writing thing too seriously. My only observation so far is that it REALLY helps to have a good chunk of the manuscript ready before you start!


      1. Good to know. I’d also be interested sometime in writing a collaborative thing, like maybe a dear America style diary of a person from a historical time/place, like switching off entries or something. That would be cool b


  1. Yes… have fun. I’d love to read the rest of it. I’m not a writer, nor a reader for that matter, other than National Geographic, a few biographies and Art books!! As a teen and in my early twenties I read lots, but it gradually got away from me, maybe this will get me started again!

    What I’ve read so far of your novel is great. It’s beautifully written, I love the pace/tempo. It brings back memories of things I did, saw and felt when I was that age. Just wondering about the words “trim little pelvis” … doesn’t quite seem to fit… what do you think? Maybe, ‘trim little waist” or “neatly on/in her lap”.. you’re the expert and you know better the value of the term used. Can’t wait to know why Lake may have tears??


    1. That’s great feedback, Trudy – I asked myself the same question about that phrase. I left it in because I like the odd specificity of it, but I’ll think about it again. Thanks!


    1. Kristian: I have! April is a tough month for teachers, however, so the dedication I need for writing every day usually has to wait until summer vacation. I will give it some more thought, however; thanks for the inspiration.


      1. I have heard that they’ll be hosting a second camp in July, if that’s more convenient for you.

        If you do decide to participate in either of them, feel free to drop me a line. I’m looking for bunkmates. 🙂


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