Bye-bye, Google Reader

As many of you know, Google Reader is shutting down on Monday.  I haven’t used it in years, but I’m sure some of you still do.  If you need a new platform for following Classroom as Microcosm, here are a few options.

  1. Look in the right-hand column.  See the button that says “Sign me up”?  That will ensure that you receive an email every time a new post appears on this blog.
  2. You can “Like” my page on Facebook.
  3. You can follow me on Twitter.
  4. You can try out a new feed reader.  I just started using Bloglovin, and I like it a lot.  It’s pretty, it’s simple, you can get a dashboard plugin that lets you know when new posts are up, and it has apps (I haven’t tried them, but hey!  Apps!)
  5. Or: all of the above!

But please stick around!  Google Reader is not the boss of you.