How To Use Quotations

I gave a lesson on integrating and formatting quotations on Tuesday, and – serendipity! – Carol Saller at the Chronicle of Higher Ed published about correct use of quotations the next day, right AFTER it would have been of some use to me.  It doesn’t really matter; I’m unlikely to pass on any advice containing the words “no one will accuse you of plagiarism if you…” to my students.  Nevertheless, her article tidies up some things I’ve never been sure about, like whether it’s necessary to put ellipses at the beginning/end of a sentence fragment (although she doesn’t address quotations like the one I use above, in which the ellipsis implies info that the reader must supply imaginatively.)  Apparently there will be a Part 2 and Part 3, so by next semester, my quotation-formatting nit-picking will be at a whole other level!