how I saved my teaching career part 4: finding community

The fourth installment in my series “How I Saved My Teaching Career” went up on School Gate, the TimesOnline’s education blog, today. This post is about finding one’s community in order feel supported.

While you’re there, I’d encourage you to browse around the School Gate blog. Sarah Ebner is a terrific blogger (and very generous; she’s set me up with some wonderful blogging connections and has been great to work with.) I’ve been learning a lot about the British school system, and have chewed on some interesting ideas about education in general, through reading her posts and those of her guest bloggers. Some of my favorite recent items:

  • A homeschooled teenager’s view of home education (be sure to read through the comments; fascinating)
  • A student’s campaign to “improve the mental health and well-being of students”
  • Tips on inspiring teenage girls to become successful women
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