Prompt #2: The Writing on Learning Exchange: What I Want To Learn Now

mGBNBOqWelcome to the second installment of the Writing on Learning Exchange!

Thanks so much for all of  you who contributed to the last round.  If you’d like to go back to Prompt #1, no worries; there are no deadlines!  If you’d like to just pick up the ball from here, that’s great too.  This is not homework.  It’s for you (and for us, of course, if you let us read what you write.)

For guidelines on participating in the Exchange, please go here.

This week’s prompt: What do you want to learn next?

Additional thoughts to inspire you:

  • Is there something you didn’t value when you were young, and so didn’t actively pursue in school, that you would now like to learn more about or be better at?
  • Is there a skill that you want to have but that you’ve never developed?  Why haven’t you developed it?  Could you develop it now?
  • Do you have a hobby or interest that you’d like to investigate more deeply?  Or a project you want to undertake but don’t feel ready for?
  • Do you envy someone because of something he/she knows or something he/she can do?  Do you think you could turn that envy into action?

…or maybe this topic takes you in a different direction – great!  Post your responses below or elsewhere – if elsewhere, please link back to this post, and direct us to your response in the comments here.

Image by Michaela Kobyakov


9 thoughts on “Prompt #2: The Writing on Learning Exchange: What I Want To Learn Now

  1. The first two responses to your new prompt are interesting. I love seeing how we each respond differently to your prompts. I have finally posted my response on my blog. It took me a couple days longer to work on it because I was busy trying to learn how not to let mean-spirited people get to me and how to be more patient in response to further delays in a legal matter I am involved with. It has been a long week! Here is my post:


  2. I am in the process of learning Psychology, even though I’m biology and Agriculture major, I start teaching Psychology tomorrow so I’m building up my knowledge base fast. Afterwards I want to look into physics, I did a year of it at uni but never truly learnt it. I would love to spread my Agriculture knowledge into aquaculture, bee keeping and native plants too.

    I also did Ballroom Dancing for a while and would love to get back into that and learning new steps!

    I aim to be a life long learner so I’m always happy to try new stuff


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